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Another Portrait Shoot at Client's Home

1. Having a self portrait shoot session at the photo studio can be intimidating & sometimes uncomfortable because you are forced to be out of your comfort zone. This in effect will make you a little nervous & tense, which in the end will not help you to be relaxed and have a good photo session.

2. So I have proposed to the client to have her business portrait done at the comfort of her own home. That way she can include her parents & other family member to join in as well. Having a photoshoot at your own place can put you at ease & that's one less thing to be worried about.

3. Secondly, by being at home you are within reach of any clothing item that you need. A one hour portrait session can have up to 2-3 wardrobe change depending on how extensively you spend taking photos with each one. So another hassle you do not have to worry is whether you will be bringing the correct clothes or whether you have enough accessories to go with them.

4. Are you worried that your house will not look presentable in camera? Many people have this worry. A good photographer can make a normal background to look stunning in camera. This can be done by adjusting the angle of shot or even by adding a few elements in the background such as lights, plants, furniture, books or other similar items. The photographer will know which angle to shoot from and where to place your self. If you are feeling sceptical, let the photographer do a test shot of that scene before you place yourself in it.

5. So recently I went to another portrait photo session at a client's home. Initially was to photograph her for business portrait, but since it was done at home, why not include the whole family in as well. That way you can get a mix of business & family photos done at the same time. Value return on your money spent.

6. To have a better idea on this home photo session, I have prepared a behind the scene footage as well as some examples of the photos taken.

Family Portrait of parents
Family Portrait - Parents
Portrait with dramatic orange light as background
Portrait with orange background
Portrait with fairy lights in background
Portrait with fairy lights
Portrait in Red Jacket
Portrait in Red Jacket
Family Portrait
Family Portrait
Family Portrait
Family Portrait
Casual Portrait
Casual Portrait
Casual Portrait
Casual Portrait

7. I would like to thank the client for their hospitality while hosting us and making our time spent at their place a pleasurable one. We had a great time during the session as it went very smoothly.

8. We specialize in portrait photography whether it is for your business or personal use. The photography session can be done at one our our studio or we can even come to your house at your own convenient time.

Feel free to contact us for more info about this service:

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