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Featured in a TV programme

1. Finally the TV episode was aired on 13 February 2021. The programme was Flying High by Okey TV Astro (Channel 146). This TV series is a career enhancing programme aimed to enhance the skill of a protege every week. Each season has 13 episode and I was featured on episode 6. Each week a protege will be featured to seek guidance from a professional from various industry such as deep sea diving, film making, drone flying and in my case, photography.

2. You may view the full episode here:

3. It was almost a year ago, that I was invited to be featured on this series. At that time I thought it would be a great opportunity for business exposure. It was also a new experience to become a mentor to someone in this field.

4. You can also watch the Behind the Scene clip during the recording.

5. The recording date was postponed to an unknown date due the the MCO imposed in March 2020. We had to wait for 3 months until we could proceed with the recording session.

6. Since this was my first time, there were lots of areas I could have done differently if I was given another opportunity. The most important thing is, I now know which clothes to wear when appearing in front of camera. I will have to avoid striped clothing & also ones with company logos on them. So the clothes you see me wear in the episode were not mine. I had to borrow them. The jeans were mine though.

7. The programme was divided into 3 segments; the first was a make over session of the protege. I wonder why there was no make over session for the mentor though. The scond segment was where the protege underwent training session with the mentor & finally the last segment was for a task to be given to the protege to complete on her own based on what she had learnt during the training session.

8. This activity received many positive feedbacks from friends and family, so I will be looking forward for more and bigger opportunities like this in the future.

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