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How important is Customer Review or Testimony?

1. Recently I was asked to record some clients' testimony on the service & products offered by our client. So my team and I had to go on location to our client's customers office to complete the project.

2. My client understands how his clients' testimonies on his products & services Are important to his company & the growth of his business. Have you had positive clients & customers before? If you are still in business, I am sure you definitely have a few.

3. My next question is, have you as a business owner capitalise or maximise this opportunity? In the traditional way of doing sales, we have heard of the referral technique. This happens when a friend that you know refers you to a service or product which he or she thinks will be beneficial to you. You then check out the product or service because it was recommended to you by someone who you know and trust. Chances are high that you will make the effort to find out more & maybe even make the purchase. It could be about purchasing a car, a property, a holiday package, a restaurant or even something small like clothing or gadgets.

4. In my early years involved in sales & marketing, I was introduced to a concept called Jones Theory. What is Jones Theory? Jones Theory Effect refers to the need we have to keep up with our peers, and get closer to those we perceive as our superiors. For example when we mentioned to our prospect that his next door neighbour has also signed up for the same service or product, chances are high that we do not want to be left out.

5. So how can a customer review or testimony help your business? Today, we see many sales platform such as E-Commerce websites selling products, Social Media pages & even Google search results have customer reviews attached to the items or service being sold. Most often than we tend to go through the reviews first before making the final decision to make the purchase. We do not want to make a bad purchase decision anda spend huge amount of money and to later find out it was a bad product or service in the first place. We tend to check out the reviews & testimonies when it is our first time trying out a brand's products or services.

6. Marketers realize that positive customer reviews & testimonials are important to ensure that their products & services are well received among their potential prospects. Customer reviews & testimonial can come in the form of written articles, photos or more effectively now with videos.

7. With video testimonies, we are able to see the faces of the previous customers who have used that particular product. This builds more trust for the seller as it seems like a more genuine approach of convincing others to purchase. It builds confidence.

8. If you think you need to have professional looking customer review or testimonial videos for your marketing objective, you may contact us to discuss about the solution. You may also check out our clients' review on our photography & videography service here >>

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