1. Many photographers are afraid to shot into the sun with the perception that shooting into the sun will make your subject dark. Well in a way that is true. However when you shoot into the sun you can achieve different effects in your photos such as silhouette effect, rim light effect & sun flare effect. 2. Today I am going to share on how to create different sun flares just by controlling the settings in your camera. All you have to do is to change your aperture setting on your camera and you will achieve different look in your flare. Basically the higher the aperture value (the smaller the aperture), the more defined you flare will be. Do take note that when you change your aperture value, you will need to adjust the shutter speed as well to compensate for the correct exposure.

3. The sample photos I am showing here was shot with a Sigma 30mm F1.4. The ISO is the same for all the photos. All I did was change the aperture value for every photos & tried to keep the composition the same so that you can compare the difference between each effect. With the Sigma 30mm F1.4, the F value is limited from F1.4 to F16. It does not go more than F16.

4. Here are the samples & the aperture values:-









5. You can shoot in whatever value that you like depending on how you want the flare to be. So, that is my sharing for this time. Happy experimenting...Don't forget to comment down below what you think of this article & whether your photos came out good.

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