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1. If you have had the experience of booking a photographer in the past, you may have experienced the hassle of choosing one that is suitable for you in terms of their capabilities, availability and also their pricing. You had to call them one by one, check their individual websites & portfolio before asking & checking whether they will be available during your event date.

2. Well now there is an easy solution for you. You can now search and book a photographer in your local area via a new booking platform. GAMBARR.COM is an upcoming startup to look out for - the company focuses on catering to the local market with the aim to provide a seamless booking process of photographers. The tech based local startup ties up with a wide range of photographers with services for weddings to corporate event and even advertisements.

3. The key value to end-users would be to take away the hassle of going through multiple websites before being able to make an informed decision on the right photographer. The platform also provides the security of deposit payments for the services.

4. The platform will also provide an instant messaging feature to ensure easy, direct and fast communication between the customers and photographers. For those user who do not have the time to go through individual photographers’ profile, GAMBARR.COM has a feature whereby customers only need to fill in their event details and requirements, and the 3 most suitable photographers available on that date will be suggested to the customer within 24 hours.

5. Their objective is to provide people a platform to make a more sound decision, especially when it comes to capturing those special moments. They believe that choosing a photographer for any event should not take more than 15 minutes of your time.

6. Look out for the launch. If you are interested to know more about this platform, you may leave your name & email address in comment section below or privately leave me your contact number. In the meantime, you may also follow them on FB & Instagram: MYGAMBARR.

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