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What Do You Need to Consider to Prepare for a Corporate Portrait Photo Session?

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

1. Imagine you intend to have a Portrait Photo Shoot session for you or your organisation & this will be the first time you will be experiencing a corporate portrait photo shoot session. What do you need to consider to prepare yourself to be ready for the shoot?

A Corporate or Business Portrait Photo Shoot Session

2. For many people, they will feel clueless on what to do & how to go about it if they require a portrait photo shoot to be done, especially in an urgent time frame. After going through the process of sourcing for the photographer, below are the few things you need to consider when communicating with the photographer.

3. Different photographers have different working styles & processes, however these factors below are generally what he/she would be asking you before he/she proceeds with the session. The photographer will try to retrieve as much information from you in order to prepare the best & most comfortable session for you.


4. The number of pax may determine the cost as well as the duration of the session. I have known photographers who charge hourly rate for portrait shoots, however most photographers will ask you on the total quantity of pax for the actual photo session.

5. The first reason is to determine the cost of photography. The more the number of people involved, the more the cost may be. If you are looking for a portrait photo session for only one pax, be sure to highlight this to the photographer as he/she may have a different rate for you.

6. Secondly, is to estimate the duration of the session. The photographer will need to know how much time to estimate and plan his work.

7. And finally, it is also to identify the suitable space required for the photo session to be conducted. THE SPACE

8. If you have not determined the location of the photo session, there are a few factors to consider on where the photoshoot should be held. The more people involved, the more space is required especially if you need a group photo to be done. Individual portrait photos will need lesser space.

9. Some photographers will need you to travel to their studio for the session. This will be a convenience for him/her as he/she will have all the equipment, lighting & props ready at the studio.

10. The downside to this is the inconvenience to you as the client, as you will need to spend time to travel, worry about the parking space or bring along the clothing you need with you. If you are arranging for a bigger team, most often then not there will be a few team members who will not arrive on time due to bad traffic or lateness due to previous appointment. 11. Some photographers do provide an option for the photo session to be done at the comfort of your own office or home. In this case you will save some travelling time & your team can immediately continue to work in the office without compromising productivity.

12. Another option is to have the shoot session to be done outdoor if it suits your requirement ... and the weather of course.

Watch behind the scene on how we set up the mobile studio set up at a client's office space for their convenience.


13. There will be certain equipment which the photographer will use during the photo session with you. The equipment will be the camera gear, some sort of lighting equipment, backdrop, a monitor & laptop among others.

14. Please consider a suitable & sufficient space if you intend to conduct the session in your office or at home. The space will need to accommodate the above mentioned equipment.

15. Different lighting setup is also required if the space is not big enough. Lighting set up is also based on the number of people, the size of the space & the photography style that you require. 16. Another thing to consider is that studio strobe lights will require power outlets for the light to work. If the place you provide is outdoor or does not have the power source available, you need to highlight this to the photographer as he/she may need to make available the lighting equipment which does not require electricity.


17. Another important factor to consider is the scheduling of the session. Some photographers are only available on weekdays, some only on weekends & some can be available throughout the week.

18. Besides confirming the intended session date, you will need to confirm with your team if they are available during the mentioned date. Missing the date for the shoot may have financial consequences for you and your company. The photographer may need to reschedule the shoot session for the absentee and there may be additional cost charged to you.

19. You may also arrange your team members to come at staggered timing so as not to waste any time waiting. Please check with the photographer on how many pax he can handle during a certain hour for your most accurate schedule planning.


20. The final factor which could change what you have planned above is the photography style that you require. Whether it is for individuals or group photos which will affect the space, equipment & scheduling, the quantity of images required which will affect the scheduling, The look of the photo which will be determined by the lighting, the location, the equipment & also the schedule.

21. It is helpful if you could show the photographer what kind of photo style that you or your company require. Some companies already have a set requirement to comply with their brand image.

Listen to what this client has to say about our service & the process of having the portrait photo session with us.

If you need further assistance in planning your next Corporate or Business Portrait photo session, you may contact us at We would be happy to assist you and make your session a smooth one.


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