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What happens during your Business Portrait Session with me?

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

1. Photographing a portrait for business profile use may be a new experience for some. Many of my clients for this business profile have never had a studio photoshoot experience before. So It is up to me to make them comfortable and the session a pleasant one.

2. I have photographed many business portraits for people from different industries & backgrounds which among them include Politicians, Insurance & Real Estate Agents, Architects, Designers, CEOs, Doctors, Middle & Senior Management personnels, Financial Planners, Business Coach & Speakers, Business Owners as well as Engineers.

3. These sessions can be done at the convenience of your own office space or home. Otherwise you can also come to any of our dedicated studio situated around Kuala Lumpur & Selangor. I will recommend the studio location which suits your location & also taking into consideration your overall concept & look that you are looking for.

4. Before the actual photo session itself I will be asking you about what kind of look & concept that you are looking for, whether it is just for yourself or with other team members. Once we have that in mind the session can be confirmed. We now can select a suitable date which is convenient for both parties.

5. During the session, you are allowed to have wardrobe changes to ensure that there will be variety in the look that we photograph. You can then alternate the photos that you use for your website or for the articles which are going to be published in the future. Background colour is normally neutral either white, grey or black. However if you prefer to have other background colours or even different settings, please share your ideas with us.

6. In majority of the time, most of my clients have limited ideas on how to pose in front of the camera as they may have not have any experience on these sessions before. So it is my pleasure & responsibility to help & guide them to pose to ensure that they come out beautiful & proper on camera.

7. During the session, I will be shooting unlimited amount of shots, but at the end of the session you will be given a chance to select the photos that you will take home complete with post processing & photo enhancement.

8. If you wish to have your business portrait taken or know someone who needs them, feel free to browse through my website & social media sites below:

Muhd Ikmal Photography (002918031-U)

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