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What is Corporate Photography?

As a Business & Corporate photographer, I always receive enquiries to have a corporate photoshoot done by prospect clients. However, these enquiries often come in as a general enquiry where we have to ask more questions on their actual requirement. Most of the time, the prospect clients' requirement are more than what they say in the initial enquiry.

2. So what does Corporate Photography mean? When we mention Corporate Photography, the image that comes to mind is most likely to be Corporate Portrait photography. Actually the scope of Corporate Photography is greater than Corporate Portrait. Apart from Corporate Portrait, Corporate photography may include Product Photography, Corporate Event Photography, Office & Work Environment Photography as well as Interior Photography. CORPORATE PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY

Corporate Portrait Headshot with coloured background

3. When clients request for Corporate Portrait photography, most often they mean Corporate Headshots. Corporate Portrait photography may also cover half body & full body shots, Group Portrait shots with either Studio Style or using their office environment as the background.

Corporate Portrait Headshot with Grey background

4. Corporate Portrait are often used to introduce the team members in the corporate websites, print publications, Company Annual Reports or even in the company Social Media pages.

Group Corporate Portrait with office background


Product Mood Shots with props to show the product main ingredient

5. Other than the team members, companies may also want to highlight their products in their website, publications & social media pages. Product photos need to show off the product features, functions, benefits & their usage.

Product image with plain neutral background for catalogue

6. Sometimes product images are used in catalogue style display with plain neutral coloured background, either white, grey or black.


Special Event by celebrity chef to promote new menu

7. Companies also organise Corporate Events for their customers and clients. Corporate Event can be in the form of New Outlet Openings, New Product Launching, Recognition & Award Dinners, Forums & Seminars, Company Family Days and many more.

Capturing the Action & Emotions in Events

8. It is important to capture the actions & emotions in any Corporate Event.


9. To capture the confidence of their clients, companies may also have their office & outlet interiors to be photographed & published in their corporate websites & social media pages.

Interior of a Business Centre in Kuala Lumpur

10. Interior photographs are used by Property Developers, Architects & Interior Designers, Cafes & Restaurants, Hotels & AirBnB's, Shopping Malls, Clothing Stores and many other business establishments to showcase their properties.

Interior of an office


11. Another important aspect of Corporate Photography is to show the company's working environment & work processes.

Technicians testing the machineries in factory

12. Work Process photos can be used in training manuals & presentations to explain the works done in a particular project.

Construction Site Workers at a construction site.

If you require any of the corporate style photography as mentioned above, you may contact us for free consultation. Visit us at


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