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Why are product owners looking for professional product photographers?

1. Lately I have been receiving an increase of enquiry for product photography service. This is probably due to the current market trend of shifting from physical store sales to online e-commerce sales.

2. Product owners are trying hard to increase sales from additional sales channel (online sales) apart from their existing physical store. Most enquiry comes from small and medium business owners & new start ups.

3. The products ranging from beauty & cosmetic, health supplements, fashion, beauty accessories and many more. Many new business owners have never had their product photos taken professionally before, so looking for a product photographer may be a new experience for them.

4. A good product photographer not only has to take a good looking photo (aesthetically & technically), he/she has to understand the sales part of featuring the product. The photographer has to understand the product itself in terms of the usage, the raw material, the ingredients, the company's marketing direction etc in order to be able to highlight the features & benefits of the product.

5. Often the client does not mention these so it is the photographers responsibility to enquire. Most of my clients who contacted me have tried photographing their products on their own using their mobile phones but they themselves are not satisfied with the result.

6. Product photography is a little different from event photography, where by it needs more attention to detail, product placement & composition, lighting set up & a little bit more of technical knowhow on your equipment & gear.

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