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Another Online Photography Training Session Completed

1. I recently completed an online photography training session with a company, UEM Edgenta. Initially I had a low expectation on this training session as it was an online session.

2. I generally prefer a physical face to face training session as opposed to an online session. The feel for a physical training session is very much different in terms of the preparation, the content and materials, the training delivery as well as the audience response during the session.

3. However I had a good time during the whole session. The participation for this session was 110 pax. I enjoyed the whole period of conducting the session.

4. In the beginning, I was approached by the company's Program Delivery Team representative to request for the session. The session would be a one hour Speed Learning session to their employees. They rotate the topics for every Speed Learning session and my session today was about photography.

4. The topic of the online training session was up to me so I chose 'Photography 101 at The Work Place'. My idea in choosing this topic was to share some tips and information to the participants so that they could practice them and apply in their daily work environment.

5. The session went well and the overall vibe was good as the audience participated and they were engaged. They did respond to my questions as well as asked questions themselves... quite some number of good questions too to my surprise. Maybe the topic was interesting enough to stimulate this response.

6. It was only a one hour session & that one hour went by very quickly. It was a speed learning session indeed, as the name indicates. Given more time the session could easily been extended to another hour, but that one hour was what we were allocated with.

7. Anyway, I really hope the participants are able to apply what they learnt into their daily work environment. I am looking forward for more sessions like this from UEM Edgenta as well as from other Corporate companies.

8. Lastly I would like to thank UEM Edgenta for their participation, their planning and organisation of this session.

9. If you require photography training for your employees, you may acquire more information at

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