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Covering a 5km & 10km Run Event

1. Last month we won a tender to cover a Run event. The EE Run 2019 was the 5th Edition of the event which started in 2011. Held once in every 2 years, organised by Suruhanjaya Tenaga, Putrajaya. The event was held in Putrajaya in front of their very distinct, diamond-shaped building.

Scroll down to the end to watch the event's highlight video ...

Suruhanjaya Tenaga - Diamond Shaped Building, Putrajaya

2. The pre-event planning & discussion was smooth. The organising team were very friendly & helpful which made our job much easier. Information were passed on quick and always available whenever we requested for them.

3. It was a 2 days cover whereby our scope of work was to cover the Race Kit Collection as well as the main Race Event on the 17 August 2019. So I had our crew prepared and we headed on to the Race Kit collection day.

Runners, happy to collect their race kit

4. The race kit which included the Number Bib & Runner's EE Run 2019 T-Shirt. We got our T-Shirts too. Thanks to the organiser.

Us... the crew

5. After collecting their Race Kits, runners had to check to see if the scanner was able to detect their bib. This was to ensure they the system will be able to detect them as they run passed any of the secretly located check-points.

Scanning the bib

6. After that, the registered runners will be lured by our crew to have their portraits taken. As usual, some were camera shy & some felt that 1 or 2 shots were not sufficient. Well, our job was to take photos anyway...

Getting the runners' portrait taken

7. The next challenge was to arrive on location by 6am to capture the event preparation before the race. Luckily we managed that. The activities were supposed to start at 7am. With big groups of friends joining the event, a group photo is a must.

Group photo before the race

8. Before the race started there were warm up & exercise session.

Stretching the muscles

9. Moving on to the actual race, the run was divided into 5km & 10km routes. 10km is for the open category & 5km is for the Fun Run. In total there were prizes for 10 category winners. Top 3 winners from each category received trophies & cash prizes.

Flag off

10. After the race, participants got to enjoy the many side activities planned by the organisers - from Milo trucks.. to face painting.. to photobooth.. quizzes & many other sponsored stalls around the building compound.

Free drinks by Milo

..and the long queue to get the free drink

Activity stalls by the sponsors

Face painting

11. For more photos of the event, you may visit Suruhanjaya Tenaga's micro site >>

12. Finally to end the event prizes & trophies had to be presented to all the category winners

13. My crew & I enjoyed shooting the event. Hope to see everyone again in the next EE Run in 2 years to come.

14. Before we end the post, here is the video highlight of the event.

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