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Grand Malay Wedding Reception

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

1. Weddings used to be seasonal in Malaysia where wedding dates are normally held during school holidays. Nowadays weddings are held in any week even during weekdays.

2. We do not focus on wedding events like most photographers do, but off & on there will be requests for us to shoot at weddings & we are glad to accept. This month we were shooting at Menara Felda Platinum Park, Grand Ballroom. This ballroom is able to fit 100 tables... about 1000 pax, maybe more than that.

Leading up to the 'Pelamin'

3. This wedding event was one of the grand Malay wedding reception that we were invited to shoot. Below is the Pelamin, of course surrounded with LED lightings that changes colours every few seconds which is a challenge for photographers if the light falls on the Bride & Groom's faces, they will look green, blue & red on camera every few seconds.

The Pelamin

4. While waiting to enter the hall, guests can take portraits with their family & friends at the photobooth.

5. There are also Apam Balik & Ice Cream stalls convenient for all the guests. Not sure how many ice cream my crew consumed that night but me myself.. I had 3.

6. Inside the Ballroom, there is another stage for the Traditional Gamelan Music Band.

7. and something that I have never witnessed before is the way the bride & groom's arrival were announced. They had Kompangs, drums & Serunai (traditional flute) for the announcement & the team members were shouting to announce the couple's arrival.

8. I hope from these images, you are able to feel the moment & the joy of the event. Hope you enjoy this short sharing. Maybe it can give you some inspiration for those who are planning to get married soon.

9. Our team would like to take this opportunity to wish the bride & groom a happy everlasting life in many years to come.

See you in the next blog post.

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