Portrait Photography of Cooking Instructors

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

1. Recently we had the opportunity to conduct a Portrait Photoshoot of Cooking Instructors & the employees of ABC Cooking Studio Malaysia. The planning and confirmation process went smooth & quick, thanks to the fast decision making of the Marketing & Management Team.

2. ABC Cooking Studio offers cooking courses for various cuisines, breads, cakes & pastries, Wagashi & even courses for children. To find out more about ABC Cooking Studio you may visit their website at https://www.abc-cooking.com.my

3. The portrait shoot was done in their office. To date, this was the smallest area where I had done a portrait shoot. The space was just 8ft x 6ft. We had to squeeze the equipment & ourselves around the space being extra careful not to trip over anything. The people in the office were very friendly though.

The office space was small so I had to shoot through the doorway.
Shooting through the doorway

4. The area provided was small, I had to shoot through the doorway. That was a first experience for me. Lesson learnt here, sometimes not everything goes to your plan & you need to improvise on the situation that comes to you.

5. The cooking instructors at ABC Cooking Studio were all young & energetic bunch of people. They were also given some cooking props & food with depending on the style of cooking that they are involved in.

6. In the end everyone cooperated to make the shoot session smooth & quick.

Final touches to make sure everything looks good on camera

7. Given the chance, we would love to work with ABC Cooking Studio again. Once again, I would like to thank the management team for the opportunity.

Smile for the camera

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