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Portrait Photography of Cooking Instructors

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

1. Recently we had the opportunity to conduct a Portrait Photoshoot of Cooking Instructors & the employees of ABC Cooking Studio Malaysia. The planning and confirmation process went smooth & quick, thanks to the fast decision making of the Marketing & Management Team.

2. ABC Cooking Studio offers cooking courses for various cuisines, breads, cakes & pastries, Wagashi & even courses for children. To find out more about ABC Cooking Studio you may visit their website at

3. The portrait shoot was done in their office. To date, this was the smallest area where I had done a portrait shoot. The space was just 8ft x 6ft. We had to squeeze the equipment & ourselves around the space being extra careful not to trip over anything. The people in the office were very friendly though.

The office space was small so I had to shoot through the doorway.
Shooting through the doorway

4. The area provided was small, I had to shoot through the doorway. That was a first experience for me. Lesson learnt here, sometimes not everything goes to your plan & you need to improvise on the situation that comes to you.

5. The cooking instructors at ABC Cooking Studio were all young & energetic bunch of people. They were also given some cooking props & food with depending on the style of cooking that they are involved in.

6. In the end everyone cooperated to make the shoot session smooth & quick.

Final touches to make sure everything looks good on camera

7. Given the chance, we would love to work with ABC Cooking Studio again. Once again, I would like to thank the management team for the opportunity.

Smile for the camera
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