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Shooting Low Key Food Photography

1. Just sharing a photoshoot session where we were requested to photograph a few food item for Fat Cat Bangi. You can check out their Facebook page "Fat Cat Bangi".

2. The owner contacted me requesting for a shoot session to prepare for their new outlet. They will be highlighting these items in their menu. The owner showed some sample images on the concept that he wanted. He showed some low key food photography images. For those who are not familiar with this photography term, 'Low Key' in photography refers to images that contain predominantly dark tones and colours. Therefore it will result in a darker mood and tone. Shooting low key meant that we needed less lighting equipment to set up.

3. The good aspect of this client is that he knows what kind of concept and style he wanted. This made the briefing session smooth and easier for us to capture his vision. He also took the effort to sketch out his idea. This saved a lot of time in the production process.

The sketch produced by the client to express his idea

4. So we went to setup the equipment. His idea required us to shoot from the top with an overhead view of the food.

5. To create the low key mood we used one studio light with no diffuser. this will create a fast shadow effect on the food items and the props. Fast shadow means the transition between the shadow area and the lighter area is more distinct, as shown in the image below.

6. To make the composition more lively, we added props like raw ingredient used in making the food, as well as other kitchen props like cutting board & place mats & table linen.

7. Below are more images from the photoshoot.

8. After the shoot, there was very minimum post processing or editing to be done as the lighting setup and exposure was correct and the elements in the images were clean so there was not much touch up work to be done. This resulted in the images able to be delivered to the client in a short time.

9. We would like to wish the Client, Fat Cat Bangi all the best in their future business and hope that their business grow in the years to come. We enjoyed shooting this project...and off course we managed to taste the food in the end.

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