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Updated: Sep 8, 2019

1. Recently I had an opportunity to shoot a Punjabi wedding. Thanks to the groom for choosing me as their photographer for the important event. The session was in 3 parts over the course of 2 days, a family gathering on the 1st day, temple ceremony on the 2nd day & the reception dinner during the night. 2. The Family Gathering

The family gathering is to invite the couple's friends and family. It was just a simple get together. While the bride had henna drawings on her hands and legs, her friends didn't want to miss out as well.

Henna drawing on hands

Henna drawings on legs

The evening went on with more chatting, eating, and dancing.

3. The Temple Ceremony

The 2nd day started as early as 6.30am with the bride & groom preparing for the temple at 9am. Of course the bride needed more time to get ready. The session started with make up for the bride.

Make up for the bride

The groom needed lesser attention. The most important item was the turban. He had help from a senior member of the family.

Putting on the turban...

The make up for the bride was simple yet very it turned out to be stunning. I wasted no time to capture the final look before we left for the temple.

Look at those accessories..


Last minute check in the mirror

The head scarf comes on

So the bride was finally ready..

And so was the groom.

Last moments as being single

They had picked that particular day for the wedding ceremony as it was an auspicious day for the Sikhs. The ceremony went on well, of course guided by a more senior member of the family on what was going to happen next.

Of course, before entering the temple it is compulsory to cover your head

Prayers & chants were accompanied by the beat from the Tabla & Accordian

Soon after, they were officially wed

4. The Reception Dinner

In the evening, we proceeded to the event space for the reception dinner. It was a very clean and beautiful event space in Jalan Ampang, KL.

View from the stage

View of Dining Hall

Registration began after 6pm

Guest registration

Everyone was then seated... waiting for the newlyweds to arrive.

The Wedding Cake

Cutting the cake

During the dinner, the guests were entertained by Ray Cheong (Singer), Papi Zak (Comedian) & Ahmed Ahmed (Comedian).

Ray Cheong

Papi Zak

Ahmed Ahmed

Soon after, speeches from both the parents & close friends,... photo sessions,... and the ladies proceeded to dancing to Banghra music.

Selfies & Wefies are a must

5. Congratulations

Having experienced all that, I had a wonderful 2 days shooting this special occasion. It was a colourful experience & everyone was nice and friendly. I can't wait for my next Indian or Punjabi wedding shoot.

Congratulations to Jay & Patty.

Thank you for spending the time to read my sharing.

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