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This is why I am in photography business, so satisfying...

1. One of the reasons I am in photography business is to provide service that is beneficial to others in need of it. My objective is to focus on small & medium corporate and business entities in order for them to start or grow their businesses to the next level.

2. Businesses spend to start up their companies, but more importantly they also need to spend for marketing in order to sustain & grow their businesses. They need to find more customers & sell their products & services. This is where I can be helpful to their needs.

3. Many people asked me, if my business is affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Yes, no doubt the pandemic has indeed affected in a way, however as long as other businesses are operating there will be opportunities for me to continue to be in business.

4. What satisfies me the most is seeing my clients using & applying the results of my photography service and using them on their various marketing platforms. It can either be their corporate websites, E-Commerce websites or even their Social Media websites.

5. Today I am sharing some examples of how my clients use the photos that they hired me to capture for their sales & marketing needs.


Some requests came from companies, for us to provide photo contents for their corporate websites.

6. Carrol Lee Architect

Ar. Carrol Lee wanted to have her profile portrait taken to be featured in her corporate website. We had the photoshoot in the studio with several wardrobe changes to suit various application & mood for later use.

7. Destina 1 International

Destina 1 International is a Multi Level Marketing Company with many product categories which include Health Care, Hair Care, Skin Care & Personal Care. The images were to be featured in their website to showcase all the products that they sell.

8. Holoworld

Holoworld sells holographic aquarium boxes. These boxes feature animated fishes in an aquarium like environment with holographic effects.

9. ABC Cooking Studio

ABC Cooking Studio provides cooking lessons for hobbyists & enthusiasts with many cooking lessons such as Pastries, Western & Japanese Cuisines, Bread and many more. The portrait photos of their cooking instructors were featured in their official website.

10. Biovalence

Biovalence supplies supplements for animals namely cats & dogs. These supplements are distributed to veterinars for them to treat the animals that are sent to them. Product photos of the supplements were featured in their website.


Other clients also engaged us to provide photos for their Social Media page postings & contents.


11. Aether supplies supplements for hair care. Main ingredients for the supplements were from fruits and natural ingredients.

Alamanda Shopping Centre, Putrajaya

12. Alamanda Shopping Centre requested us to document their sanitising, misting & cleaning exercise which was done at their shopping mall. The exercise was done at night after the mall was closed. These photos were later published in their social media page to inform the public on their efforts to ensure public health and safety.


13. Doppelganger owner sells compact powder and cosmetic products through social media platform. They requested to come up with several LIfestyle & Mood Shots for their compact powder.

Fat Cat Bangi

14. Fat Cat Bangi sells Chicken Wings & Drummets in many flavours. They have kiosks in Bangi & Kajang. The photos were to be featured in their social media pages as a marketing & promotion tool to reach out to more customers.

The owner even had concept sketches to relay his ideas for me to materialise into photo images.

Flair Natural

15. Flair Natural sells Beauty Care products via the social media platform. Their products are made from natural ingredients mainly from fruits.

Pandan Cendol

16. Pandal Cendol sells Cendol, Rojak & Noodles via food truck all around Gombak & KL area. The food is prepared in a centralised kitchen and are loaded into the trucks in the morning to be sold in various locations.

Pantang Pro

17. Pantang Pro provides confinement service for women after they have given birth. They only provide local confinement ladies and are very professional in their services. We were asked to capture photos & testimonial videos of their clients for social media content... of course with their clients' prior consent.


Many of my clients also sell on E-Commerce websites & have their sales 100% online.

Asian Taste Delivery

18. Asian Taste Delivery is a Halal certified food delivery service providing local dishes as their popular items. We took photos of their food which took 3 days to complete. Since then we have been taking regular photos of their food not only for Malaysia market but also for International market segments.

19. Homeliving.My sells furniture & home decor items. For this project we were assigned to take photos of their new range of benches.

LA Genius

20. LA Genius sells many items from Sanitary Pads, Car Care, Petrol Saver and many other product range.

Sate Rono

21. Sate Rono is a popular sate spot in Sg Sekamat Kajang. Besides sate, they also sell other items on their menu. We were asked to capture different items for their offline & offline menu listing.


22. Stilare is a local shoes brand sold mainly on E-Commerce platform.

I would like to thank all my clients who have been supporting me & it is very satisfying that my photos & images have help them in their sales & marketing drive. I would also like to recommend the products and services shown above so that we can support their businesses in these troubled times as much as they have supported my business.

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