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Business owners, these are the reasons why companies are photographing their work processes.

1. Many business owners may overlook this important activity, which is to document their work processes. These processes may be work from production in the factory or may even be for marketing purposes.

2. Throughout my experience as a professional photographer, I received requests from companies to photograph & capture their work processes for various reasons. Below are some examples and the reasons for the photos:

STEP BY STEP GUIDE - for Promotion Campaigns

3. Pictures speak a thousand words. There fore it is easier for viewers to understand how a promotion campaign works just by looking at the photos which is normally supported by the text caption or description.

4. The photo examples below is for a campaign to introduce a new feature in a phone app.

This image shows how the app is able to accept payment with credit card.
Guide for card payment within the app

Accepting payment with bar code through the app.


5. Most of the time it is wise to document & record your production process to maintain your companies' quality standard and consistency. Production Process Flow can be used in an operation manual, workstation posters & charts, factory signages among others.

6. These work flow can also be used in your company's training manual to educate new employees during their orientation & training period.

7. Below are examples of photographing work in a production line:

One of the process flow - tagging of the Al-Quran
Tagging process of the Al-Quran.

A worker wrapping a lectern
Wrapping process of a lectern (Rehal)


8. This reason is almost similar to the above. However instead of using it for operation manuals alone, the same photos may also be used as sales and marketing tools. These sales & marketing tools help the company sales & marketing personnel to better explain their companies' capabilities & work flow.

9. Below are some of the examples:

Technicians reading using a meter gauge
Technicians reading using a meter gauge

A technician tightening a bolt of a filter system
Tightening a bolt


10. Often, it is more effective engagement tool in social media to show the Behind-the-Scene work process rather than a finished product or service. In the example below, this company used these images to proof to their customers that efforts were being put in to ensure their safety and well being when they visit the shopping premise. This action is important during pandemic times to ensure customers keep coming back to their shops & premise.

Health worker doing some sanitising work at the premise
Sanitising Work in premise

A Sanitising Crew cleaning surfaces at the premise
Sanitising Crew cleaning surfaces at the premise

11. The reasons above are only some examples as to why other companies are recording & documenting their work processes. If you think it is important for your company and you have not started to do so, you may get in touch with us and we can help you to achieve this with a professional looking images.

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