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We Shoot Corporate Portrait Photography At Your Own Home

1. A professional looking corporate profile photo of yourself and your management is important for your business. That is the reason why business owners turn to professional photographers to have their profile portrait photo taken.

2. One turn off for many prospect clients are the thought of having to travel to the photographers studio to have their photos taken. This issue is multiplied if you have large team. Getting people to the venue on time & to look for parking is a great hassle for most people.

3. This is one of the reason why we provide corporate photography service right to your home or your office. You will feel more relaxed and more comfortable as the photography session is conducted at the comfort of your own place.

4. Recently we completed a photo session with a group of Consulting Engineers who wished to have their portrait photos taken for the use in their company's corporate profile as well as other medium such as website.

5. Here is the Behind The Scene Video of the session.

6. The session was conducted at the owners home, which was a nice and cosy place... and spacious too. That made our task very easy and smooth as we had the flexibility to shoot group photos of the team.

7. The session lasted for slightly more than 2 hours which included a make up session with a professional make up artist. Normally a session like this can last for 1 hour to a half day or even a few days depending on the size of your team.

8. Here are some examples of the final images:

9. If you wish to enquire about the Corporate Portrait Photoshoot at your own Home or Office, feel free to contact us at The Behind The Scene Video was recorded by Raza Azril

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